Europa Creative is Gail Carey and her silent professional network, meeting your commercial ideals in all phases of graphic design.

Her award-winning, uniquely creative designs for large corporations, displayed worldwide, are now offered to you.

As former art director for Avaya, Inc and a design leader for Lucent Technologies, Tigh Tech and AT&T, Gail has experienced every aspect of the creative design process, from initial concept to final product delivery. She has managed multimedia design departments, created the visual standards for large companies, supervised diverse technical support teams, developed successful corporate branding designs, developed unique web site concepts and successfully performed on time and within budget in fast-paced corporate environments.

Degreed in Advertising and Graphic Design from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, she also won the Pride Award from the Printing Industries Association and the Excellence in Design award from Beckett Paper.

Never routine, the work of Europa Creative is unique, creative and professional. For the enterprise wanting to distinguish itself in competitive markets or connect uniquely with its employees, shareholders and vendors, Gail Carey is your valued silent partner, imaging your company to ensure you stand out from others.

“I have had the opportunity to contract with a multitude of creative service providers and graphic designers. Few, if any of these experiences have been as rewarding as my work with Gail Carey. Far more than well-received, her images set a standard of professionalism.”

J. David Eck
Marketing-Communications Manager
Lucent University

“Most start-up companies want the unique, stand-out graphic image, delivered at a low cost. I don't know how she does it - high-end, exciting graphic work within the restraints of an early stage company's budget. Gail Carey is an entrepreneur's dream come true.”

Rennie Davis
Managing Director
Humanity Fund

“Gail worked on my web and satellite TV organizations, creating wonderful graphics for both. She is excellent with conceptual artwork, bringing ideas and principles to life for ease of understanding.”

David Stevens
Performance Innovations